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Sanctuary of Life Spa & Maya Retreat


Experience the pampering care of ancient Maya practices

that revitalize your inner-self in union with nature.

Fresh water, ha in Maya, is only found in underground rivers and caved cenotes, or water sinkholes in the Yucatan. This pure cenote water, sacred to the Maya, is used in all Yaxkin Spa treatments for its natural nourishing energy and rich mineral content.

Maya Spa Treatments

Yaxkin Spa services begin with a cleansing foot wash or body rinse

to activate the energy flow of each person.


· Yaxkin

Stress Relief Maya Ritual & Spa Treatment

Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time to revitalize your soul and body, a time of introspective healing. Complete Spa treatment with a stress relief meditation period embraced by the celestial energy and paradise tropical ambiance of Chichen Itza.

A 2 hour session, (indoor & outdoor). US $150.00

Sasil – tun

Sacred Mayan Hot Stone Spa Massage

Luxurious hot stone back therapy and vigorous full-body massage .

A 90 minute session. US $ 120.00


Mayan Cocoa Bliss Spa Treatment

Uplifting full-body chocolate massage. An exquisite indulgence to celebrate life’s joys.

A 90 minute session. US $ 120.00



Royal Maya Spa treatment for the upper body.

Includes shoulders, neck, scalp & face; rooted in sacred Maya beauty rituals.

A 60 minute session. US $ 78.00


Goddess Ritual

Royal Maya Spa treatment for the lower body.

Full Spa treatment for lower legs, feet, with a deluxe pedicure.

A 60 minutes session. Spa Ritual Description. US $ 78.00



Organic Maya beauty care for elbow, arms, hands with a Spa manicure.

A 50 minute session. US $ 72.00



Relaxing light Facial & Personalized Hair Treatment.

A 45 to 60 minutes session.

Short hair: US $60.00 / Shoulder length hair: US $ 65.00 / Longer hair: US $70.00

Luch – kab


Deluxe tropical beauty facial Spa treatment.

A 45 minute session. Spa Ritual Description. US $ 45.00

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