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Stress Relief Maya Ritual & Spa Treatment

Ancient Maya performed body beautification rituals with meditation periods to awaken the pure essence of the self. Yaxkin complete Stress Relief Ritual is filled with lavish details to prepare you for such beautification and personal awakening. This ritual invites you to relax with aromas, oils, and Mayan crystals salts.

Experience a deluxe nourishing coconut paste smooth your body as it is wrapped in banana leafs. A flower petal feet-bath will enhance the beauty and harmony of your moment in paradise. As a final touch, you will be let into a meditation garden where Mother Nature will fill your senses with a renew zest and enchanting glow.

Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time for inner introspection to revitalize your soul in a paradise tropical ambiance.

A 2 hour session.

Sasil – tun

Sacred Maya Hot Stone Spa Massage

Since ancient times, Mayan shamans have believed that jade and quartz are sacred due to their metaphysical properties, purifying qualities, and energy benefits. Our hot stone massage therapy, Sasil –tun, combines the vigorous healing energy accumulated in hot stones with aromatic oils.

This ritual will ensure the release of tension, anxiety, and the toxins these emotions create by renewing the energy of the body and mind.

Once each stone is used, it is then cleansed, purified, and placed on Maya sacred ground to renew its pure energy flow.

Maya Sacred Hot Stone Spa Massage. 90 min.


Maya Cocoa Bliss Spa Treatment

Long before the Aztecs, the Maya raised cacao. To them cocoa was a sacred food of the Gods, due to its sensual aroma, luxurious oils, and invigorating qualities. At Yaxkin Spa you will experience a warm raw sugar and cacao butter massage to invigorate the energy flow in your body as your mind smoothes into a relaxing state. Then your body will be gently brushed with the finest chocolate and coconut oil to create a cocoon-like sensation, during which you will enjoy for a few minutes of relaxing peace. Your cocoon will be lifted with warm linens leaving you ready for a purifying mist of wild Mayan flowers.

Exquisite full-body treatment. An invigorating indulgence to celebrate life’s joys / 90 min.

DID YOU KNOW: Dr. David Stuart was the first to decipher the Maya glyph for kakaw (ka-ka-wa), or cocoa. The glyph is found in many Maya ceremonial vessels.


Nicte ha

Deep hair and facial Spa treatment and Maya ritual

Experience the mystical power of Maya traditions and beauty rituals as you relax in our tropical garden listening to bird songs with joy. Nicte ha is a ritual especially created to restore the moisture, silkiness, and shine of hair. This treatment is extremely beneficial to hair exposed to salt water, chlorine, and/or hair coloring by restoring the pH balance of your hair. The natural therapeutic advantages of Aloe Vera, Maya herbs, and avocado will invigorate and stimulate the scalp and hair health. A relaxing scalp and facial massage follow by a light Maya herbal mask, and chamomile eye pads, are an integral part of this refreshing and pampering ritual.

30 to 45 min. Maya Deluxe Spa Facial & Hair Treatment.


Pakal Ritual

Royal Maya ritual & Spa treatment for the upper body.

Experience the beauty ritual created for Maya kings to purify and prepare mind, body, and spirit to meet the gods in mystical visions. The Pakal ritual includes a shoulder, neck, and scalp massage; plus, a deluxe facial care treatment rooted in sacred Maya healing practices. Pampering therapeutic elements that stimulate the senses, such as aromatherapy, essential oils of fruits & flowers, combined with the healing power of touch, release the negative energies of stress and fatigue. This relaxing and purifying ritual will regenerate your peaceful energy and beauty.

Royal Maya Spa Treatment for shoulders, neck, scalp & facial, rooted in sacred Maya beauty rituals. 60 min.


Pepen Ritual

Beauty Spa treatment for the upper body.

The Maya word for butterfly is “pepen” the perfect name for this ritual of grace and beauty. Designed to highlight the hands and elbows’ smooth elegance, this ritual starts by applying a fresh mixture of aloe vera, raw sugar, and salts to your elbows, lower arms, and hands; follow by a gently massage and scrub with natural sisal pads to exfoliate the skin. A deep moisturizing herbal wrap will then be applied to nurture the skin and regenerate its softness; the ritual ends with a delicate manicure and nail polish gloss.

Organic Maya beauty care for elbow, arms, hands with a Spa manicure. 50 minutes.

Su’uk Ritual

Royal Maya spa treatment for the lower legs

We will bath your feet in lavish cenote mineral water with Maya herbs and flower petals for you to enjoy the nutrients of Mother Nature. A sisal scrub and a ciricote leaf exfoliation will restore the natural beauty of your skin. A soothing knee-to-toe reflexology massage will be followed by a rich moisturizing herbal mask sure to release fatigue.

Your feet will rest in a Maya batea, filled with cenote warm water and a bed of hot stones, which will regenerate your whole being. As a final touch, a deluxe Spa pedicure will grace your revitalized feet.

50 min. Maya Spa Treatment for lower leg, feet, & deluxe pedicure.


Maya God Holistic Ceremony & Personal Renewal Spa Treatment

The supreme Maya Spa therapy created to renew your spirit; clean and invigorate your body; and restore the equilibrium and serenity of your mind; thus, bringing into physical manifestation the true nature of your spirit. This holistic ceremony will align the energies of earth, water, fire, and air in you.

Anointing the body with Xunan Kab royal pure honey, delicately mixed in a sacred Maya clay body wrap, the healer will unblock your energy flow with a gentle facial, aromatherapy, reflexology, Maya crystal and gemstone therapy.

Full-body (earth & water), mind (fire), and spirit (air) alignment and energy treatment.

Deluxe Spa Treatment rooted in Holistic Maya Rituals. 90 minutes a bit longer if needed.

DID YOU KNOW: Since ancient times, Maya J’Meen, elder healing practitioners, have used organic Xunan kab, or royal Meliponine bee honey, as sacred essential healing and restorative substance.

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