Spa Ceremonies

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Maya God Holistic Spa Ceremony

Deluxe personal renewal Spa therapy rooted in Holistic Maya Ceremonies….

Full-body (earth & water), mind (fire), and spirit (air) alignment and energy treatment.

A 2 hour session. US $220.00




Spa Gift of Love Ceremony

The art of loving is the essence in this holistic Spa approach for couples. To feel, breathe, listen, and touch are the spirit of this precious ritual.

A 3 hour session. US $360.00 per couple


· Ixchel

Bridal Beauty Spa Ceremony

Beauty and grace are the spirit of this Spa treatment; individually tailored to meet each bride’s personal needs.

A 3 hour session or a bit more. US $ 290.00


Brides at Hacienda Chichen Resort, have a 20% discount courtesy apply to their final bill.

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