Bride and Groom Spa Ceremony

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Bride to Be

Bridal Beauty Spa Ceremony

Since ancient timers, the Maya wedding ceremony has been a sacred and spiritual event in a coupleís life. In order to prepare for such an important event, the couple undergoes many spiritual and physical activities filled with mystical sights, sounds, and smells. Ixchel bridal ceremony caters to the mind, soul, body purification and beauty needs of the bride. The deep moisturizing and natural elements found in organic honey, mixed with the bio-mineral qualities of Kaít Maya clay, will renew skinís natural balance, leaving it with a beautiful, healthy, smooth glow.

Spa pedicure and manicure are next. A nourishing facial to enhance the glow of love will follow with a soft lip gloss to grace the natural beauty in you.

Beauty and grace are the spirit of this Spa treatment, individually tailored to meet each brideís personal needs.

A 2 and 1/2 Hour Session.

Spa Ceremony

A Gift of Love Ceremony

Enveloped by serenity and peace, our secluded paradise-like garden filled with exotic plants and singing birds, is the perfect setting for a couple to experience a very spiritual encounter with themselves and nature. Ya-ha ceremony is a private inner journey of giving and receiving; an experience to learn how to manifest love by indulging in touch, beauty, and grace.

Our healerís lessons to breathe, listen, touch, and feel are valuable gifts of love learned in this precious aromatherapy, reflexology and massage ceremony, which culminates with an inviting sacred cenote water bath to enhance the coupleís flowing energy of communion and love.

The art of loving, the ultimate Spa experience for couples, based on ancient holistic rituals.

A 3-Hour Session.

Two Hands

Gift of Love Ceremony

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