Mayan Healers and Educators

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Experience the rituals created for Maya kings to purify and prepare mind, body, and spirit to meet the gods in mystical visions.

Pool of Water and Petals

Pampering therapeutic elements that stimulate the senses, such as aromatherapy, essential oils of fruits & flowers, combined with the healing power of touch, release the negative energies of stress and fatigue. Learn the ancient Maya healing practices and revitalize your inner-self in union with nature as you revitalize others.

“As our bodies are mostly water, we are inexorably bound to the element and the molecular changes that occur in it as a response to words, prayer, pollution, deeds, gratitude, and love."

- Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Maya holistic healers known as J-Men (male) and Ix-Men (female) recognize the natural energy interconnection of the human multiple bodies and energy fields.

Like other ancient refined civilizations, the Maya have long understood the nature of disease, which flows within the soul as well as the physical-emotional bodies, thus, creating disturbances in the life force field or ch’ulel within a person.

Together they have created a truly holistic and integral study program that includes identification of: Mayan herbal medicine, chants and rituals, Mayan sacred medicine music and gemstone therapy, etc.

BeatrizSenior Mayan Holistic Healer Beatriz Correa lives in Chichen Itza at the Hacienda’s property grounds. She directs and operates Yaxkin Spa, Maya Holistic Center. As a Mayan Ix-Men and Senior Healer, Mrs. B. Correa performs many Eco-Wellness Spa Maya Rituals at Yaxkin Spa, especially does mystical Mayan purification and holistic healing traditions. Her kindness has gain her the respect and love of all that know her; and her patience has helped the young females under her teaching-care practice the healing arts of ancient Maya traditions.

Mayan Holistic Healers Marcela and Manuela live in Yodzonot Pueblo and work under the guidance of Mrs. Beatriz at Yaxkin Spa, a Mayan Holistic Eco-Wellness Center in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. Both young Mayan Healers are gifted in the holistic healing traditions and herbal medicinal care, speak Maya language and and are Mayan Spa Therapists dedicated to continue the Maya Healing Traditions.

Maya High Priest and J'Men, Ildefonso Ake Cocom lives in Sotuta, a town nearby Chichen Itza. He performs the sacred ceremonies of soul purification and rituals of gratitude to Junab K’uj as well as to bring harmony within the flow of ones life cycle to celebrate love and family moments such as weddings. He is one of the most mystical and spiritually gifted souls we ever known.

J-MenMaya High Priest and J'Men Bartolome Poot Nahuat lives in Dzitas, a few miles north of Chichen Itza. He is a highly respected Maya Priest and a powerful J’Men who celebrates the sacred Maya ceremonies dedicated to the welfare of the community, crops, and whose work blesses the land with The_Mayan_Cosmo and celestial protection.

J'Men Juan Bautista Poot Puc lives in Valladolid, a Colonial City 30 minutes away from Chichen Itza. A great Maya musician and poet; he plays the traditional Tun Kul to create the sacred rhythmic sounds for most ceremonies celebrated in Chichen Itza Sacred Ceremonial Center. His poems contribute to the continuation of mystical energy and the beauty found in the Maya spoken language.

Mayan J'Men Jose Tamay lives in Mayan village of Xcalacoop, nearby Chichen Itza. An active Maya Foundation In Laakeech's Board of Trustees member, Jose Tamay celebrates many Mayan holistic rituals with utmost respect and honor to Junab K’uj and his Mayan spiritual guardians at the Hacienda Chichen sacred ceremonial grounds. His kind spirit and dedication to the Maya sacred traditions has earned him the respect of J-Men Elders and Senior Mayan Wiseman in Yucatan.

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