Way of the Maya

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The way of the Mayas


Hotel Hacienda Chichén Resort & Yaxkin Spa.


Eight days of intense knowledge about one of the most important cultures of the world. A magical experience about the ancient Mayan cosmovision and its herbal medicine to the new holistic concept of Mayan spa.


Global knowledge of the Mayan mystic and its spirituality. Holistic and ceremonial knowledge of the Mayan ancient culture within the Mayan Spa.


Intensive course of 7 days.

36 modules.

60 hours of classes theory-practice.

To the general public with a particular interest for the spa Mayan holistic.

List Of Topics

Mayan Cosmovisión

Mayan universe


The Cuadro Maya and Ceibas

Mystic and spirituality.

The holistic world

Mythology and deity

The Popol Vúh


Solar and Lunar Calendars.

Tolzkin, Haab and the Long Count.

Tun Calendar



Sacred numbers and their meaning

The seven Mayan prophecies



Herbolary intro. Mayan Spirituality.

Alternative Medicine: (healers, etc)

The most common plants in the Mayan medicine

Recipes and remedies

Workshop theory-practice

The Ceiba and the most sacred trees

Permissions and rituals: guardians and plants deities.

Nature elements. Energy vortex.

Symbols and traditions.

Herbolary, Copal. Mother Earth

Recognition in field of the ancient plants.

Water blessings. Ixchel.

Holistic Mayan Spa

Introduction to spa Mayan holistic

Importance of the elements in nature. - Ecology

Alternative Medicine for the use of the spa.

Permissions and prayers

Holistic - health

Therapy and herbolary

Characteristic for the practice of the Mayan spa.

Workshop: preparation for the ritual of Mayan holistic spa.

Blessings, rituals and ceremonies

Importance to unload energies

How to prepare a holistic Mayan Ritual of Lol Tún, (Stone Flower)


Bloque único

Introduction to the Mayan language.

Pre-Hispanic Music: music therapy and sounds for the energy

Ceremonies and rituals to open and close the cycles.



Lol Tún ritual

New Fire ceremony

Closing Ceremony : Saká

Grand Canyon Railway

Yaxkin Spa


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