Mayan Healing Arts

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MAYA HEALING ARTS are based on the following sacred understanding:

Healing Ritual Foods


Is the most powerful tool any Mayan healer has, and is offered to Junab K’uj (God’s Spirit) and to the Yuumtsiloób (Mayan gods) as a Spiritual healing channel and request for assistance to the healer in his work. Prayer opens the channel of healing and aids to bring balance to the person’s ch’ulel , a Mayan term meaning the life energy force between the physical and spiritual worlds. Mayan Prayers are the spoken words in reverence and in a deep state of meditation, is the power that unites us with the universe and the divine. Prayers are always repeated in numerical sequences and are accompany normally with aromatherapy or incense burning of copal and other sacred resins.


Rituals and CeremoniesHave tremendous spiritual and healing power. They provide the frame in which mind, emotions, soul and spirit become one, where the purification of ch’ulel can be relieve and the invasive energy be transform; thus, healing take place. Yaxkin Spa rituals are focus on balancing the inner energy flow of each person by releasing stress, anxiety and other toxic emotions (or physical ailments) from the self. Each ritual calls upon different aspects of the self to be restored to health and harmonious balance.


Communicate with the Mayan Priests and Healers through intuition, insight vision, dreams and sometimes even with physical manifestations that act as conduits to instruct and guide the Mayan healer. J’men and Ix’men perform an important Mayan sacred ceremony known as K’eek to purify the soul which has a powerful spiritual connection with deities, Mayan spirits such as Aluxes, and Nature that provide the right path to bring balance, harmony and health to all the bodies that embrace the life force of a person.


Is of up most importance to Mayan healer, especially to the Ix’men (female healer) because of its connection with Ix-chel, Goddess of Medicine, with the human body and the energy that flows within it. Blessed water, especially from Maya Sacred Cenotes, is a powerful element that purifies and cleans the energy within. In a Spa ritual at Yaxkin Spa, water is link to health and balance.


Fire follows the BlessingFollows the blessing of the water as the symbol of light and energy. Fire is the element that unites us with life forces and the spiritual realm. Sacred Copal requires to be harvest in full moon and is burned to aid healing, cleansing, and to spell that which blocks a persons’ healthy balance and energy. New Fire is offered to Junab K’uj prior to initiating a Spa ritual or ceremony at Yaxkin Spa.


Mayan clays and medicinal plants, herbal remedies and other elements of the earth such as stones, gems, sacred wood trees, honey and corn are all part of the spiritual connection that help the Mayan healer cure and restore the life energy flow in each of us. The ancient Maya Corn Ceremony honors the Spirit of the Earth and Mother Nature as well as it reminds the people where they come from, with the help of Ix-chel the Maya goddess of medicine an a powerful spiritual healer, the Ix’men performs mystical rituals and healing ceremonies where the spiritual and physical worlds meet.


is the element that carries vital energy and the spirit of life. Sound travels through air and unites with it to bring the powerful vibrations of sacred words that can heal mind, emotions and body. The healer words are spoken in harmony with peaceful breathing to directly provide the rhythm of health and balance. The spiritual power of wind, sound, and sahumados (copal smoke and other burning aromas) release harmony, and unblock the effects of stress, block energy and emotional trauma. Visions play an important assistant part of the healer’s tools.


Temperature ChangeIs very important to the Maya Healer and to their philosophy of healing holistic care. All illnesses are treated by their cool or hot relationship with energy flow levels. Maya peoplebelieve that high humidity and rapid temperature change can cause many misbalances to the body, especially create unhealthy bone pains and muscle spasms such as arthritis, rheumatism, and other disorders. Temperature changes are linked to the popular belief in Yucatan that inadequate changes of temperature through ones life daily routines affect the body health. Many of Yaxkin Spa's holistic Mayan healing rituals take great care to control changes in temperature that are healthy and healing to each person's energy inner flow.


Etc. are some of the tools Mayan Healers commonly use to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Yet, it is the inner attuning with God’s Spirit and love that is the most precious tool use by the Maya J’men and Ix’men healers. Love, kindness, intuitive compassion, and listening in peace are an important part of the healing process and health care.


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